At Bashline Massage Therapy we custom tailor each appointment to treat your specific needs. Listed are certain types of massage we specialize in but we often use a combination of techniques to reach a solution.


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  • 90 Minutes | $80

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a gentle, hands-on form of stretching that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system, which can become restricted due to overuse, inactivity, trauma, or infection, often resulting in pain and muscle tension.

The therapist applies gentle pressure into the direction of the restriction by following the motion of the tissue, barrier after barrier, with sustained pressure that supports the release. This process relieves restrictions throughout the body, promoting strength, flexibility, full range of motion, aligned posture, and fluid movement.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a scientific system of manipulations on the muscles and connective soft tissue of the body for the purpose of relaxation, rehabilitation, and health maintenance.

Swedish massage directly increases blood circulation, thus enhancing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the tissues. It also increases lymph circulation, which speeds up the removal of metabolic waste and the by-products of tissue damage and inflammation.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy utilizes various methods to relieve and eliminate a hypersensitive area—known as a trigger point—in the muscle, its tendon, or fascia. Trauma is a common cause of trigger points, either by direct injury or excessive stretching and contraction. Once these fibrous sensitive regions form, repeated muscular stress will activate the pain in a reference zone.

The trigger point is eliminated by applying direct pressure and sedating the point. Once the pain is reduced, massage can be applied to restore circulation to the area and remove the waste products. This method is especially helpful in musculoskeletal problems and with certain internal organ pain.